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ZOOLA First Words

  • Category: Education
  • Updated: 02 August 2012
  • Version: 1.1
  • Size: 103 MB
  • Languages: English, Russian
  • Seller: INBAL Tal
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.Requires iOS 3.2 or later.


ZOOLA First Words is a perfect tool for toddlers, who are just learning to engage with words. With adorable animations accompanied with addictive themes, “ZOOLA First Words” teaches children the basic words in a fun and communicative way.

- Bright, lively artwork by talented children book illustrator, Colleen Madden
- Learn 90 basic words
- 6 categories: animals, vehicles, food, nature, clothing and at home.
- Beautiful animations accompanied with classical themes
- Very easy to use. Simply tap the arrows to navigate back and forth
- Learn cause and effect by tapping on an item and see what it does
- Tap on the speaker to repeat the spoken word

- Pick a category
- Listen to the spoken word
- Watch the fun animation
- Tap the blinking hand (At the end of each animation) to trigger more fun actions.
- To go to the next/previous word, simply tap the right/left arrows at the bottom of the screen, as if you are reading a book.

Based on our experience in the development of the educational software, we made considerable effort to ensure that the design of this app is easy-to-use for this very special age category, and that the whole app is as educational and fun as possible. We hope that your children will enjoy it and learn from it.
Categories are:

ANIMALS: Dog, Giraffe, Turtle,
Horse, Hippopotamus, Rabbit,
Monkey, Elephant, Frog,
 Dolphin, Lion, Penguin,
Cat, Cow, Chicken, Sheep
NATURE: Flower, Tree, Sun,
Cloud, Rainbow, Rain, Beach,
Moon, Snow, Mountain, Summer,
Fall, Winter, Spring

CLOTHING: Socks, Shoes, Dress,
Boots, Umbrella, Glasses, Hat,
Pants, Pajamas, Gloves, Skirt,
Scarf, Jewelry, Shirt
FOOD: Egg, Milk, Orange juice,
Pasta, Salad, Banana, Pizza,
Watermelon, Apple, Cheese,
Sandwich, Soup, Cereal,
Ice cream, Cake

AT HOME: Window, Lamp,
House, Bed, Washing machine,
Clock, Door, Telephone, Desk,
Television, Refrigerator, Oven,
Bath, Bookcase
VEHICLES: Car, Train, Boat, 
Tractor, Fire truck, Airplane, 
Schools bus, Taxi, Police car,
 Submarine, Motorcycle, Bicycle, 
Helicopter, Scooter, Truck


"My daughter was so fascinated by this app. Usually I am not too excited by her using the iPad for games and such, but this app is very rich with images, music and ideas, it does feel different than other apps we have tried." 
"I love this app. It shows a great amount of time was spent on the design. There are intricate little details that really make this app stand out including all the unique sounds and art. My children have had a wonderful experience and are on their way to being the next poet laureate."
★★★★★ "Brilliant illustrations, animations and sound effects throughout making this a full interactive experience." ▶
AppAble Opinion:
I love this app.  Each word is given meaning in such a fun and interactive way.  This will have your children giggling over and over again.  Words and their meaning, for our children, are well drawn with bright colours and great animations.  Audio is very clear and music changes with each word.  Please have a look at the You Tube Link below to appreciate all this app offers.
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