Grimm's Frog King
By JustKidsApps - Katrin Draemann Barothy

  • 99c
  • Category: Books
  • Released: 31 May, 2012
  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 80.9 MB
  • Language: German
  • Seller: JustKidsApps - Katrin Draemann Barothy
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

App Features:
.           swipe to turn pages
.           story remembers where you last left off
.           both versions include hidden sounds and interactive elements
.           two finger zoom to enlarge the rectangular pictures
.           Froggy Jokes
.           two games
.           facts about frogs and toads
.           quiz/comprehension questions
.           information on the illustrator, as well as Brothers Gimm

There are 2 versions to this book app both with read to me and I want to Read Myself
  • Traditional Fairy Tale 
  • The version with a Funny Twist 

21+ beautifully written, gorgeously illustrated, interactive pages. The Traditional Fairy Tale would engage the younger children while the Funny Twist is for older children.  The voices in the read to me version are very funny and I am sure will have your children in laughter.
Traditional Fairy Tale
Traditional with Enlarged Image

The version with a Twist

What I most enjoyed about this app:
I like the fact that it allows for a high level of thinking, questioning and reasoning in the twist version.  Humour is such an important development in the intellectual growth of our children and I like the fact that our children are entertained by the humour in this book. There was one word which I thought was a 'big word' for children and which leads to the opportunity for it to be used as an extended learning experience, by researching the word using conventional methods or online.   Also not to be forgotten is the comprehension/quiz questions at the end and information about Frogs and Toads.  Beautifully written and narrated which makes it an easy and enjoyable read.


  1. I think your app looks wonderful and I am so glad I got the code :) ..Ty so much Appable for sharing with us :) Cant wait to read it tonight with my son - D

    BTW love the voices

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