Friday, 17 August 2012

Toddler Draw & Vocabulary Tracker

Toddler Draw and Vocabulary Tracker Giveaway

Toddler Draw
A fun and engaging drawing app for toddlers. The interface has been designed to be simple and easy to use. 
Select one of the 10 backgrounds, choose one of the 9 line-art overlays (or choose no overlay) and then start drawing! All of the art tools are designed to work with a single tap - no setting sizes or choosing colours. Fully tested and approved by our 2 year old toddler :-)

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Vocabulary Tracker
How many words does your child know?

An easy to use app that tracks the vocabulary of your child. Enter their sentences for a few days and it will collate a list of their words, show you how many different words they have used, and also show you the length of their longest sentence.
The longer you use the app the more accurate it becomes.

Words can be edited once they are in the list.
Words and statistics can be reset if you want to start again.
The artwork can be turned off (the little animated girl looks like my daughter and may not look like your child :-)

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