Friday, 31 August 2012

The Monsters Family Review and Giveaway

The Monsters Family, from iMagine machine, is a universal educational games app filled with 6 interactive activities for your young child to enjoy. It is ideally aimed at ages 2 - 5 . It is compatible with the iPod, iPhone and iPad. The app requires iOS 3.0 or later. 

The Monster Family is made up of Mom , Dad,  Ella,  Elliot and their dog Scrumpy.

Each Monster Family member  will help the user to play a selection of educational games, whilst having fun at the same time. 

On the main screen you are shown a snap shot of each family member and can click on which ever one you like . 

The first activity we did was Colours. Ella showed us a a picture of various objects and asked us to find all the objects that were Purple. This activity helps teach your preschooler to identify different colours and the names of the colours. 

Ella also helped us play Spot the Difference. My daughter loved this one and howled with laughter when a teapot was shown amongst 3 piggy banks. This was a fun exercise and a great way of teaching differentiation . One of the features I love about this app is that when the user gets an item right there is immediate praise from the Monster in the picture. When an incorrect object is chosen there is a simple statement along the lines of "don't worry....try again". It helps to give positive reinforcement to the user and doesn't destroy confidence when they make a mistake. 

The final activity we completed using the girl monster Ella was the Silhouettes. Here the user has to help the monster match the shapes shown to the correct silhouettes. This activity is great for concentration, perception and teaching spatial understanding. 

At the top right of each picture frame is a little photo of the Monsters Family. Click on this to bring you back to the home screen at any time. When I clicked on the image for Dad we were taken to the kitchen of the Monster household where we played a  Counting game. Here you get to count different objects that the monster likes. This particular activity is a handy way of teaching counting and number recognition. 

Elliot the monster took us out into the Monster Family's garden where he played a Word game . This activity may be slightly harder for younger users who are not yet able to read. However, in saying that, it is still an excellent way of teaching word recognition and matching an object with the written word. 

The final activity in the game is Matching. We tried this out using both Ella and Mom Monster. the object of the game is to match up different items into pairs and help the Monsters tidy up their rooms. Matching is ideal for those who like memory games. It helps improve your child's memory and observation skills. 

When you have successfully completed tasks  you are taken to another screen and shown a variety of objects to choose from. You can pick one item each time and add it to the shelves behind to help decorate your own 'room'.

The Monsters Family is a lovely little app that can be used for teaching a variety of educational activities. My own children loved this app and found great enjoyment from the rewards and positive reinforcement that the app offers. It will keep your child engaged in the activities for long periods of time.

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If you would like to purchase The Monsters Family now please do so by clicking on this link iTunes . It is currently priced at $1.99 in the US iTunes store.

To find out more about this app and others from iMagine machine please check out their   Facebook page  and their website  for more information.

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