Thursday, 16 August 2012

Robot ABC's with Jinxie - by Deedil

Deedil books are created by a teacher (mom) and tech geek (dad) duo who think learning to read is the coolest thing since sliced bread!

Robot ABCs with Jinxie, is the first app by new Developer Deedil.

This super cute app is designed to teach our little ones their ABCs as well as helping them with letter recognition. An engaging and easy to use app, Robot ABCs consists of 26 pages each representing a letter of the alphabet (in order). You can have the app narrated by a human voice or by the very loveable Jinxie the Robot.You can also hear Jinxie by taping on any page in the Human Voice option. The voice reads the letter and tells you the corresponding illustration. i.e. B is for Banana.

Once your child has completed the alphabet they can then sing the ABC song with Jinxie.
You are also able to jump to any page using the slide bar found in the menu tab.
My daughter adored singing along with Jinxie and giggled madly when he spoke.
Another fun aspect of this app is the ability to print out a certificate congratulating your child on knowing their ABC.

Robot ABCs is a great example of less is more. Concentrating on one key area but engaging the child with it's bright colours and friendly robot. Jinxie makes learning the ABC fun and taps into your child's imagination.
I for one can't wait to see what's next from Deedil!

Robot ABCs with Jinxie is great value at just 99c and is a universal app compatible with iPhone/iTouch and iPad.

iTunes Link
Deedil website

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