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Playing With Friends With the Wonkidos HD

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  • Released: 02 February 2012
  • Version: 1
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  • Language: English
  • Seller: Brighter Futures for Beautiful Minds
Requirements: Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Award: Wonkido's Mom’s Best Award Outstanding Product 2012

Who are the Wonkidos:
The Wonkidos are fun, silly characters that teach children important lessons in a fun animated way.  Each story models correct behaviours and teachers fun lessons for all ages!  The characters are Sparkles, Wobbles, Stacks and Apps.


Named for her big personality, tiny Sparkles shines as the only girl of the Wonkidos. She is so sweet, that she wears her colorful heart on the front of her pink dress. With her microphone in hand, Sparkles is always ready to sing and dance. Sparkles dreams of creating her own music video where she performs her favorite songs. She just might ask you to pick up a microphone and sing along with her!

No other Wonkido can stretch, bounce and change their shape as wildly as Wobbles and to do this, it takes very special creativity and imagination! Wobbles especially loves to use his creativity and imagination to play pretend and be super silly! Be prepared to go on a fun and amazing journeys to far away lands and or be silly and pretend play with Wobbles However, sometimes Wobbles just likes to lay next to his friends and let them read to him while he falls asleep.

Strong, Powerful, but Super Soft and Cuddly, Stacks is the Biggest of the Wonkidos. He loves to stay fit and healthy and that is why he is always exercising. Every morning, Stacks wakes up and does his own exercise routine to workout his muscles to stay strong. He is always looking for a workout partner and he just might want you to join him. Stacks is one of the best friends you can have, because when you need some extra muscle, Stacks is always there to help! 


Super Smart with computers and programming, Apps built his own computer program called Mr. KNOW IT ALL to help answer everyday questions. Anytime someone needs an answer, Apps touches the computer pad on his chest to ask Mr. KNOW IT ALL and we quickly hear Mr. KNOW IT ALL come to life by singing "I Do, We Do, You Do, Wonkido!" On his spare time, you can find Apps working on making fun and educational computer games to help everyone learn something new and exciting about the world we live in.
About the Developer:
Brighter Futures for Beautiful Minds (BFBM) now offers their exciting instructional animated videos as WonkiBooks: an E-book with interactive audio. Each WonkiBook contains the same fun and colorful visual learning tools to help teach your children valuable developmental skills. Your child will enjoy interacting with each page to hear the Wonkidos come to life as they read the story.


Evan is a young boy who loves playing with his favorite toys, the Wonkidos! Wobbles, Stacks, Apps and Sparkles spring to life in Evan's imagination, and together with Mr. Know-It-All, help Evan learn valuable social skills in a fun and entertaining way!

Asking a friend to play is difficult for some children. This ebook will teach step by step how to ask a friend to play with you. Special topics include eye contact, communication and smiling at friends. Children will learn proper ways to approach and greet another child, as well as ways to ask them to play and listen to their response.

AppAbles Opinion:
Playing With Friends is 36 page eBook with Interactive Audio.  The 1st section of the book goes through how to Play With Friends!  The 2nd half of the book Evan puts into practice the steps he has just learnt.

The first thing that comes to mind with this ebook, is what a fantastic idea this is, particularly for our children.  The first 31 pages talk about how to ‘play with a friend’ step by step instruction, you just select 1, 2, 3 etc on each page, role modeling/role playing done in the most wonderful, thoughtful way – a lot of time has gone into getting the steps right.  I like the number on each picture.  The text is read at a great speed.

The last 2 pages Evan puts what he has learned into practice and it is a success.

I like the idea of the videos (please see link below for this Episode and another link to all Episodes) + Handouts & Worksheets (link below) and the very cute Plush Toys (link below) to help the children have a far richer learning experience.  Whether your child be a visual, auditory or for my daughter tactile, the Brighter Futures for Beautiful Minds (BFBM) have thought of a whole learning experience for our children.  Thank you

I think I will be buying quite a few of the Wonkido Apps with my next iTunes Card.
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