Monday, 20 August 2012

Sort and Stack 3D by Pronetis Review

Sort and Stack 3D is a great new app from Pronetis.
This is one of those apps that reminds me how handy the iPad is for replacing those everyday toys our little ones love with a mess free, travel friendly version!

Sort and Stack 3D consists of shape stacking games, cube sorters and building blocks all displayed in crisp, 3D graphics and vibrant colours.
An easy to use interface makes it simple for children from 3 and up to use with very little assistance. There are also two different play modes - easy and advanced. The easy mode has hints available to prompt our younger users.

 The games come with enticing music which can be turned off if needed and audio rewarding via applause sounds to let your child know they have completed the task correctly. Lots of auditory input also with animal noises and item labelling with the cube sorter game make this a great educational tool.
One thing I would like to see is with the stacking games. When completing the number stack I would like the correct number to be spoken as well as displayed visually.

This app has enough content to make it excellent value at $1.99 and enough to keep kiddies entertained for a lengthy time. Sort and Stack 3D is suitable for enhancing problem solving skills, visual and auditory processing as well as colour and number recognition.
Overall this is a high quality, well designed app that I would have no trouble recommending. Awesome work Pronetis!

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