Thursday, 9 August 2012

Trains Story Puzzles - The Little Engine Who Saved the Carnival!

Overall : A nice simple puzzle app for toddler or preschool age. It is a  universal app and is an ideal app for any little train enthusiast. Developed by Apps Kids Love.

This is a nice example of a story told through the combination of video and puzzles.  There are 16 different puzzles in the app all at varying degrees of difficulty.

What I liked about this app is that when the user goes to do a puzzle they are given a clear outline of where the various pieces go. This is ideal for the younger user who may only just be getting used to the idea of shape recognition and puzzle formation.

A countdown method is also used in the app which allows the child to know when it is time to begin each puzzle. The developer added a video feature to this app to allow the child to see the story unfold in a continuous manner. However I found the narration of the video to be hard to follow and understand at times. I would like to see this option enhanced in future updates as it would make it more user friendly for children who may have hearing difficulties or finds it hard to follow narration at a fast pace.

If you would like to buy the app now please do by clicking on this link iTunes . It is currently priced at the introductory price of .99c until Sunday August 12th. It will retail at $1.99 after this weekend.

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