Monday, 27 August 2012

Ellie's Wings by Ellie's Toys - Review and Giveaway

Ellie's Wings is a great little finger painting app aimed at children 2-5 years of age.
Resembling a colouring book but with tons of interaction this app is a step up from the usual colouring/painting apps that we are used to.

Six cute, animated, animals complete with their own set of wings are included for your child to paint, colour in, splatter or adorn with stickers. The stickers are also animated and you can choose what colour you would like them to be. Each design you add to one wing is immediately replicated on the other making for a beautiful symmetrical display.

These adorable creatures also giggle and move and reward your child  by making their own animal sound to encourage them as they go.
All creations can be saved to the gallery and edited at a later date.

Another cool feature of this app is the musical paint buckets. With a simple tap your pre-schooler can use the buckets as a Xylophone creating music as they paint.

Ellies Wings is a great example of how a simple colouring app can be used as a learning tool for Special Needs children. Hand eye co-ordination, colour recognition and auditory processing (through the recognition of animal sounds) are all able to be addressed while your youngster is having fun!
I also used this app to help with following directions. i.e.: can you paint the wing blue? Let's put three pink flowers on the wing. etc

Ellie's Wings is a wonderfully simple app that encourages creativity while keeping your child engaged for a lot longer then the typical painting app through the use of auditory encouragement and interaction.
For the purpose of this review I used the iPhone version on the iPad using the 2x option. The quality of the app was not at all reduced by doing this however Ellie's Toys have just released an iPad version and also a free lite version for you to try.

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