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Sight Words Hangman

Sight Words Hangman

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  • Category: Education
  • Updated: 25 June 2012
  • Version: 2.1
  • Size: 20.6 MB
  • Language: English
  • Seller: Marcel Widarto
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.


Playing with the Sight Words Hangman app gives your child an educational advantage over their peers. The Sight Words Hangman app utilizes 300 sightwords--the most commonly used words in the English language. Sight Words Hangman entertains and engages your child, while increasing their vocabulary, spelling and reading levels. 


- Professional voiceovers for clear and easy to understand words
- 2 difficulty levels to help kids build their confidence and also challenged them
- 30 Unique word lists to choose from
- Flashcards mode to help kids become more familiar with the words
- View historical results so you can see how your kids progressed 
- Children hear & see the words
- Ad-free, No Social media / external link that take your kids out of the app 

Sight Words Hangman is an application where your child learns the most frequently used English words without sounding the words out letter by letter. 

The game is simple, utilizing touch screen operations, colorful and comical graphics to persuade your child to play and learn. Sight Words Hangman begins by ”Selecting a List”, and touching the word “Repeat” to listen to the word. The child hears and views the word then makes their selection by pressing on the word that they think is correct. If the child chooses the correct sight word, then they automatically advance to the next word. If the child guesses the incorrect word, a body part of the hangman shows up on the screen and then the child is given 5 more opportunities to guess the correct answer. If the child would like to hear the sight word again, they can press the “repeat” button to hear the word again and pick another answer. The child can see their score at the end of the game so they can try to improve their score the next time.

About SightWords as stated on…

Sight words are pronounced without decoding the word's spelling. Effectively, an alphabetic writing system is made into an ideographic writing system. Unfortunately, speakers of ideographic languages have to spend a much longer time learning to read because of the sheer volume of symbols they must memorize. A common first sight word is a child's given name. Beginning readers are at an advantage when they learn to read sight words that occur frequently in print such as those included on the Dolch and Fry word lists.

- Children who want to learn on their own
- Pre-Schoolers, Kindergarteners and First Graders
- People learning the English language
- Entertain your kids with learning
- Teachers or Parents who use flash cards

Disclosure For Parents 
We respect and value your privacy. We do not collect personally identifiable information. We do not have links to social media, ads or in-app purchases within this app.

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