Friday, 10 August 2012

Puzzle School by Anlock Apps

Anlock Apps first app Word Book and Puzzle Box is one of my favourite all time apps and definitely my favourite kids puzzle app so I was looking forward to seeing if their new app series Puzzle School  was up to the same standard...

I was not disappointed.
Puzzle School is the reincarnation of Puzzle Race which Anlock Apps released earlier in the year. Although Puzzle Race was a huge success (featured in the top 10 list in the App Store), after reading the customer feedback in iTunes they decided not only to update the app but to create a whole new series! This is why your reviews in iTunes are SO important folks! No point complaining about something you don't like or would like to see when you have the perfect opportunity to speak to the Developer first hand. Most Developers are also easy to contact on either Facebook or their websites...

Puzzle School is available as five separate apps:
Puzzle School Free - A lite version with samples from all stages
Puzzle School Stage 1 - kids 2+
Puzzle School Stage 2 - kids 4+
Puzzle School Stage 3 - kids 6+
For the purpose of this review I used Puzzle School Pro. A professional version that includes 362 puzzles from all 3 stages.

Puzzles range from a simple 3 piece in Stage 1,  to a more involved 45 piece puzzle in the Stage 3 option. The muted background of the finished puzzle is left in the background as a guide and the puzzle pieces "lock" into place when moved to the appropriate space.
Each stage has 6 "pages" of puzzles to complete making it a great value app and the variety of puzzles is also widespread enough to cater to most tastes.

By far my most favourite aspect of Puzzle School is the two player mode. Apps with two player mode are hard to find but always a favourite in this house.
As always Anlock have the all important reward system built in. This time via the collection of stars for completed puzzles. The more stars you have the higher up the rankings you move.

The ability to create Player Profiles makes this app customisable and also gives it that personal touch as you are able to add your own photo your own character from the cute, illustrated, little people in the Choose an Avatar option.
You can also choose the difficulty level you want for each player.

The puzzle pieces in Puzzle School are accessible via a unique puzzle pice strip that you flick left or right to view more pieces as needed.
Added extras are the ability to password lock the app so settings can't be changed and compatibility with the new iPad Retina display.

As a Special Needs resource Puzzle School offers fine motor practice, use of hand-eye co-ordination  and fine tuning of visual processing.

Like Anlocks first offering this app is hard to find fault with but if you do, take heart in the fact you are dealing with a Developer who not only cares but listens to your ideas.

Puzzle School Pro iTunes Link
Puzzle School Lite iTunes Link
Puzzle School Stage 1 iTunes Link
Puzzle School Stage 2 iTunes Link
Puzzle School Stage 3 iTunes Link

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