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Toby PlayPad

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  • Category: Education
  • Updated: 04 July 2012
  • Version: 1.4.1630
  • Size: 143 MB
  • Language: English
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.


TOBY Playpad is a unique, therapist-designed Early Intervention application for parents and carers of children with Autism. TOBY’s utilizes both on-iPad tasks and off-iPad tasks to help a child with ASD to learn skills in their real world.
TOBY aims to empower parents to commence early intervention to maximize their child's development using evidence-based techniques.

Therapy Outcomes By You (TOBY) produces a program of tasks for you and your child to do. Tasks are drawn from a curriculum tree and become dynamically available as your child completes pre-requisite tasks. By having a dynamic curriculum, TOBY is able to adapt to your child's learning and developmental needs by choosing goals and adjusting the difficulty of tasks to maximize your child's ability to progress with confidence and ease.  All tasks and teaching strategies are based on evidence-based intervention techniques and have been designed by a qualified team, including a speech pathologist, clinical psychologist and occupational therapist.

TOBY’s syllabus targets your child's development in key areas:
✔ Social Skills,
✔ Language,
✔ Sensory Discrimination, and
✔ Cognitive Skills.

In a number of ways:
✔ On-iPad tasks for your child alone,
✔ On-iPad tasks for you and your child to complete,
✔ Games and rewards, and
✔ Real-world activities, including play activities and daily tasks.

Based on TOBY’s recommendations you choose what tasks you want to complete each day, and based on your child’s results, TOBY will generate suggestions for the following day’s activities.

A typical day with TOBY might include time on the iPad totaling 20 minutes, and a similar amount of time doing other TOBY-directed tasks that weave into your daily routines and your child’s play interests.  Each day you may choose to do, for example, up to two or three activities to complete in total.  The amount of activities you do is guided by you and your child.

TOBY is designed for children:
• With a diagnosis of Autism or Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS).
• Who may or may not have an Intellectual Disability or Developmental Delay.
• Communicating mostly through gestures, behaviours (such as hand leading, bringing items), sounds, single words or early two-word phrases.
• Able to sit at a table for a short period of time (up to 10 minutes at a time) and/or has some familiarity with a computer.
• Needing help with early social and play activities.
Children without an autism spectrum disorder and who are in the early phases of learning may also benefit from TOBY’s program.  This includes children with a developmental delay or language disorder.

TOBY’s activities can be easily transferred into your child’s everyday life and can be used in a range of settings:
• Learning can easily occur, for example, within the home, at the park, at grandparent’s houses, or in the car – any settings where your child is able to engage in either on-iPad or off-iPad activities.  The only limit is your imagination.
• Therapists may like to use TOBY to complement current intervention goals.  It is especially helpful in guiding parents with home-based and community-based activities to help generalize a range of important learning skills.
• Teachers may like to use TOBY within the classroom and playground settings to help individual and / or groups of students achieve learning success.
You Tube Information and Demos:
Video 1 -  About Toby  - This video introduces TOBY and gives a general overview of TOBY.
Video 2 - Parent Component - This video highlights the Adult Training Components of TOBY. 
Video 3 - Scope of TOBYActivities - Imitation & Matching - This video shows the range of activities included in the Imitation and Matching categories of TOBY.
Video 4 - Language & Social
 - See the range of activities included in the Language and Social areas of TOBY Playpad.
Video 5 - Scope of Activities Reports & Rewards - View the types of Reports that TOBY produces to help track a child's progress

TOBY Support Documentation for Grant Applications - For those parents who have access to funding, you will find that this is wonderful supporting documentation to include with your application on how it will help your child.

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  2. I am unable to access the link from this entry "Ask a TOBY related question on AppAble TOBY PlayPad Blog page".

    I will post my question here ... Can you add other visual rewards, such as videos and other visuals?

    1. Lisa I have fixed the link now, thank you for letting me know.

  3. What might be a range of time needed to complete the program?

  4. Will you be making this available for the pc or mac?

    1. We currently have no plans for porting TOBY to the PC or Mac.

      Kind regards,
      Brett, on behalf of the TOBY Team.

  5. Can you add other visual rewards, such as videos and other visuals?

    1. Not currently, but that's a great suggestion. :)

      Kind regards,
      Brett, on behalf of the TOBY Team.

  6. Thanks for the great questions! Lisa & thehealingskin - we're just getting the right team member to answer your questions - please watch this space for their response that will hopefully come through shortly.

    Wagnerslp - just like in traditional therapy, the time needed depends both on the child and also how much of the program they are able to complete per day or per week (ie how many activities a family completes each day or over the week). Some children have been able to move through the program over a few months, whereas others have worked through it over a much longer period, e.g., at least 6 - 12mths. It is very similar to how other children move through their therapy goals in traditional therapy. There are 50 skills that TOBY targets across four areas.

    We hope this information is helpful :)

  7. One, I would like to say that I really like this program as from the videos. It is available for Volume Price Purchasing, If so how much is that? If not, do you do a special deals for instructional institution doing a mass purchase.

    I also have a few questions.
    What is your average length of time during your study for mastery of skills. Per goal mastery of skill... not the whole program?

    Will use have an update that will involve rewards systems that are also research based (such as a token economy system) to address behaviors and work on target behaviors, as well as a reward?

    Also, I teach a fully autistic and multiply handicapped population. Can this be used by a professional such as myself for 70-100 children? If not, will you plan on creating an update so it is feasible to use in an educational setting to teach global skills.

    Another- Is there a lite version or trial for educators/schools/institutions who are thinking about purchasing multiple licenses for your product. If you could not tell already I am very interested this and future products and think this could greatly benefit my school as a whole.

    (I think ill stop with the questions for now and hope to hear back from you soon...)

  8. Hi Frances,
    Thanks for your positive feedback so far :) Fantastic questions - I just need to check a couple of things with the team, but I will answer all of your questions shortly.
    Wendy (TOBY Speech Pathologist)

  9. Are there functional routines built into the tobypad NET activities?

    1. Hi Mark,

      If you mean do we include a way for a schedule for children / families to be set up and followed for the day - no we don't.

      Parents / adults set their own schedule for the day and use other means to show what the child's schedule is (e.g. by using a visual schedule). But, if the family are out-and-about, they may choose to add a "mealtime" activity from TOBY to the picnic that they're having at the park or at Nana's house (for example).

      TOBY gives ideas of how to do the actual functional / adaptive activity so that you add teaching moments to this activity. In this way we have "bathtime", "dressing", "mealtime" activities, but we don't have an option (at the moment!) to set up a full schedule for the day. Parents / adults can select the two or three (or more!) activities they want to do from TOBY's "Available" list and this goes onto a separate "My Plan" screen / tab for remembering, but we don't order it in a particular way - the order appears as the parent / adult chooses the activity off the "Available" list.

      I hope that's helpful, Wendy :)

  10. my son wouldn't be motivated by regular/usual rewards, at the moment his only motivation is food related, how would this fit around the reward system on Toby.