Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sing It Cats by Philippa Riddell - Review and Giveaway

I downloaded this app onto my iPad a couple of days ago and it was very soon discovered by my four year old daughter. I had not had a chance to have a look at the app so was intrigued as to why I have been hearing Miss Four singing what seems to be vocal scales continuously.
Sing It Cats is not your usual children's app. I love it when a developer comes up with something new and this app is a really interesting and fun concept.

Now although I am a music lover I am completely tone deaf and apart from learning the Clarinet in high school not an expert at all in this field so my review is from the perspective of an amateur and parent. Sing It Cats allows you to customise the app for an individual child with the ability to add new users as needed.

I love that this app has an on-screen help button that brings up a quick written tutorial of the user interface. The customizing settings screen is a little harder to understand and I would suggest that playing around with it is the best way to figure it out. Those who are more knowledgeable when it comes to reading music and music terminology would find this a little easier then I did.

So, what does the app do? Sing It Cats was developed with the belief that learning to sight read music is similar to that of reading words/sentences. See, hear, practice, learn.
The app will play a set of notes sung first by an adult, then a child. Your child is then able to record their version either on their own or singing along with the audio. They can then hear back what they have recorded to see if it is the same.

As a special needs app I could see Sing It Cats being a fun way to help kids with auditory processing and their listening skills. It can also just be something fun and different for our little ones. Kids love music and love to hear themselves sing and my daughter is having a fantastic time playing with this app!
Philippa tells me that Sing It Cats is still a work in process with further updates planned for the future. As it is, it is still an interesting and worthwhile addition to your library and at 0.99 is excellent value.

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