Saturday, 1 September 2012

Mood Colours by iBurger Apps

Mood Colours is one of those apps that reminds us of the versatility of the iPad.
As all parents of children with special needs know anxiety is just one of the many issues our kids have to deal with on a daily basis and having a calming routine in place is one of the ways we help them to deal with this.
This app is perfect as a relaxation tool.

With an extremely easy to master user interface, Mood Colours transforms your iPad into a funky colour changing lamp. Use it as a night light for your child or as a sensory tool for calming or even as a resource for those children that enjoy a bit of visual stimulation.
My 8 year old Aspie loves using this app during the day, spending his time staring at the screen watching the colours change and fade. Great for those times when he needs to block the rest of the world out.

With a variety of images to display and the ability to either set to Auto - where the colour changes according to the time setting you have chosen - or operate manually choosing colour, image, brightness and change speed to suit your mood.
All options are easily accessed with the pop up menu featuring a sliding config.

For use as a night light Mood Colours has a built in adjustable sleep timer that will override the iPads own auto lock and keep the app running for the set time before gently fading to black.

Purchasing a lamp that does all of this would be costly and probably not something you would find at the local shops. Mood Colours however is priced at 99c and with a quick visit to the App Store you have a mood lamp, night light and visual therapy tool all at your finger tips.

iBurger have developed a beautifully simple app that is functional and perfect for SN children. This app  is great value and will be a much used item on your iPad for many years.

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