Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Speech with Milo: Sequencing & Milo Plush Doll

Description: Build basic sequencing skills by ordering three cards showing Milo and Melvin performing a task.

For example, cards showing Milo “Washing Hands” and “Going to the Movies” are presented in random order. The child is tasked with putting the cards in order by dragging the images into the appropriate box (numbered 1-3). Once the child has put the cards in order, they are provided with the option to play the animation demonstrating the sequence of events.

The app is provided with configurable options to view hints, hear the sentence aloud, ‘success’ sounds, etc. Forget those $15 Sequencing cards at the educational stores- this is much more fun for your child.

Awards/Mentions: #2 Best Education App for Kids by Babble.com

Watch the app in action:

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Description: Our Developer of the Week has very generously given us a Milo stuffy to giveaway every day this week!

This very high quality stuffed animal is great for all of those kids that love Milo and is also terrific for all kinds of therapy activities. Milo is about 8 inches head to toe- about six inches from his bum to his ears. You will love it, and so will your kiddos.

Watch this little guy in action!:

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Original Price: $9.99

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  1. O that plush toy would be loved to death by a small boy here, there is barely room for him in the bed with all his "friends"

  2. My daughters would love to play house and teatime with Milo! =)

  3. I would use the plush Milo to work on generalization of the concepts the Milo apps target.

  4. I would use Milo to encourage my son with his speech therapy.

  5. I know Milo would be treated like a new playmate and friend and he would help a lot in the area of language development.

  6. I'd give it to my neice who needs help in school.

  7. The Milo Sequencing app would be very helpful for students that really need a visual to help them comprehend sequencing.

  8. I would use the Milo stuffed animal with my preschool and kindergarten speech therapy students as a prop in communication scripts.

  9. I would use Milo with my kids to imrove their communication through role play.