Monday, 17 September 2012

Kids Stories In English-Little Red Riding Hood (Us English) - By Cambridge English Online - Review and Giveaway

Kids Stories In English-Little Red Riding Hood (US English)  by Cambridge English Online is the perfect example of how an iPad can be used for fun and learning. Most kids love books and ebooks are no exception, if anything they are even more enticing for our little ones.This one is not only visually appealing with it's bright and colourful illustrations but it is a perfect educational aide.

Upon opening Little Red Riding Hood you are presented with a home page offering a range of options. Choose from either a storyteller reading the story via a video or you can read the story yourself using the Listen, Read and Practice option. Not only can your child listen to the story being read while using this option they can also record themselves reading it  and then play it back. My kids loved using this feature and jumped at the chance to record their attempts. I can imagine this being a useful feature to use with special needs children who need that extra motivation. My boys were also intrigued with hearing the different nuances in each others voices. 

Little Red Riding Hood also has flashcards and a word quiz to help reinforce your child's learning and comprehension. The Flashcards are a series of illustrations with the relevant word in text below and also an audio button to hear the word spoken. All words/illustrations are from the book. 

The Word Quiz is an excellent game for the older reader and consists of a screen with thumbnails of the flashcards and a timer. Once you press play the timer starts and the audio speaks a word which you then need to find and tap. Once all the words have been found you are rewarded with applause and a screen displaying your time and also your best time. A great way to get children to try to better their efforts. I would like to see the order the words are spoken mixed up each time a child plays as my son quickly memorised what order they were coming instead of actually reading the word.

As well as all of the above content there is also a Teaching Tips section which gives a multitude of ways to use the app and all of it's features making this app versatile and effective.
Priced at $1.99 this is a fantastic value app and like all of Cambridge English Online's apps is of the highest quality. Cambridge English Online also have two other apps in the Kids Stories in English range, The Boy Who Cried Wolf  and The Tortoise and The Hare.

Cambridge English Online have very kindly given us five codes for Little Red Riding Hood. This app is iPad compatible only and if you would like to win a copy please enter via the Rafflecopter below.

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