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Step by Step Going Potty with the Wonkidos


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Wonkido Videos - Award winners of Mom's Best Award - Outstanding Product 2012! 

Who are the Wonkidos:
The Wonkidos are fun, silly characters that teach children important lessons in a fun animated way.  Each story models correct behaviours and teachers fun lessons for all ages!  The characters are Sparkles, Wobbles, Stacks and Apps.


Named for her big personality, tiny Sparkles shines as the only girl of the Wonkidos. She is so sweet, that she wears her colorful heart on the front of her pink dress. With her microphone in hand, Sparkles is always ready to sing and dance. Sparkles dreams of creating her own music video where she performs her favorite songs. She just might ask you to pick up a microphone and sing along with her!


No other Wonkido can stretch, bounce and change their shape as wildly as Wobbles and to do this, it takes very special creativity and imagination! Wobbles especially loves to use his creativity and imagination to play pretend and be super silly! Be prepared to go on a fun and amazing journeys to far away lands and or be silly and pretend play with Wobbles However, sometimes Wobbles just likes to lay next to his friends and let them read to him while he falls asleep.


Strong, Powerful, but Super Soft and Cuddly, Stacks is the Biggest of the Wonkidos. He loves to stay fit and healthy and that is why he is always exercising. Every morning, Stacks wakes up and does his own exercise routine to workout his muscles to stay strong. He is always looking for a workout partner and he just might want you to join him. Stacks is one of the best friends you can have, because when you need some extra muscle, Stacks is always there to help! 


Super Smart with computers and programming, Apps built his own computer program called Mr. KNOW IT ALL to help answer everyday questions. Anytime someone needs an answer, Apps touches the computer pad on his chest to ask Mr. KNOW IT ALL and we quickly hear Mr. KNOW IT ALL come to life by singing "I Do, We Do, You Do, Wonkido!" On his spare time, you can find Apps working on making fun and educational computer games to help everyone learn something new and exciting about the world we live in.


Teach your child the steps they need to learn to go potty all by themselves.

- Visual Learning
- Video Modeling
- Fun Animated Cartoon to visually teach children
- Important Social and Life Skills

Wonkidos Animated Social Skills: Going Potty, is a fun animated cartoon of the Wonkidos teaching step by step how to use the potty. Reinforce the steps and behaviors kids need to know to feel confident to use the potty.

After watching the video your child can play a game to reinforce what they learned. Put the images in order showing the steps of what needs to be done when going potty. This applications does not require reading skills and young children will be able to follow and answer the questions independently.

Teach sequence skills playing the step by step potty game.

The Wonkidos are fun, silly characters that teach children important lessons in a fun animated way! Each story models correct behaviors and teaches fun lessons for all ages! Let the Wonkidos help your child learn how to use the potty!

Kids learn best when engaged and having fun. Video modeling helps teach your child the correct behaviors of what to do in the correct situation.

Professional Review
"Young children learn by exploration---seeing and doing things that are available to them. Progress in learning is a result of many experiences with both successes and failures at home, in school and the playground. Most learning in early childhood occurs in this way in safe, natural surroundings with guidance by parents and other adults.

The Wonkidos video series provides opportunities for young children to learn effective ways to negotiate common developmental challenges----potty training, getting dressed, playing with friends and more. The short, animated programs are engaging to kids because they are stories that are told from the child's perspective in an entertaining way. Sound developmental principles are written into the scripts to maximize learning. As they watch these video stories, children learn about their ability to make things happen in the family and with friends. Ultimately, it teaches them how to successfully use their new motor, language and social skills. The Wonkidos video series is an important contribution to early childhood learning."

Martin T. Stein, MD
Professor of Pediatrics
Division of Child Development and Community Health
University of California San Diego
Rady Children's Hospital 

AppAbles Opinion:
I just love the Wonkidos.  I feel they have got it right for our children.  The word 'potty' is not used worldwide, but with the use of great characters, bright colours and song, all help our children learn this life skills, step by step with success for independence.

The Game is read by a child in a lovely clear voice.  The video is brilliant -  "first we do it and we show you how, next we do things together, then you will do it by yourself and see, thats how we learn to do things" (part of the Wonkidos Song) - Repetition in different ways, really does make a difference.

You can print out the steps/chart here.

This giveaway is for the video and game, they also have an ebook available.    

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