Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Review for Kapu Forest HD

Overall :
Nice App for ages 1 -6+. Gives children a nice insight into the lives of  forest animals. Teaches fine motor, colour and shape sorting and also the sights and sounds of everyday forest life.

Kapu Forest is the first App from Finnish App Developers Kapu Toys who have a background in the world of digital design , development and planning. It is available for both iPhone and iPad. There is also a Lite App available for both versions. 

 Kapu Forest is ideal for the younger iOS user . It is essentially a digital toybox with over 10 mini toys and animals to play with. Children have the freedom to roam through the forest and discover different animals and sights along the way such as feeding the fox berries, the bees gathering nectar and the frog catching flies to eat. There is no winning or losing in this App , nor is there any pressure put on the user to complete the task in a specified time frame.

It is available in 5 different languages, English, Spanish, Russian, Finnish and German with more languages to be incorporated soon.

One of the biggest deciding factors for me in purchasing an App for younger kids is in-app purchases.  Thankfully Kapu Toys have steered away from that which makes it more user friendly for small children.

The ability to regulate the amount of time your child uses the App for is a huge bonus. In the parent section of the App you are able to set the amount of playtime for your child to 5, 10, 20 or 30 minutes. This gives you greater control over how your child utilises the App.

Although many of us enjoy the use of music and nature sounds in an App, some children find this a distraction. Therefore Kapu Toys have added a feature to enable you to turn the sound off if you so wish.

Kapu Forest helps teach children about colour and shape sorting . My daughter loved the shape sorting feature where the beaver was sitting on a dam while the missing shapes needed to complete it floated by .

Fine motor skills are also worked on in this App. This is best exemplified by the use of the mole who needs to be guided along a winding underground path to his home.

If you are looking for a nice simple App for younger kids that will keep them both entertained and teach them some basics all at the same time then you will find what you are looking for in Kapu Forest.

There is no doubt that future updates will remedy the minor issues which I encountered such as the animal images converging after the elapse of time in the 5 minute slot (only)  set by a  parent.

If you would like to buy the FULL version of  this App now please do so by clicking on the following links iPad HD version or iPhone version. It is currently priced at $2.99 for the iPad Hd version and $ 1.99 for the iPhone version.  

If you would like to try the free Lite version use the following links iPad HD Lite version or the iPhone Lite version  

You can visit their Facebook page here Kapu Toys. 

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