Monday, 30 July 2012

Kids Learn Everyday Words

Kids Learn Everyday Words 

for Android


First app in the series of Language Learning Curriculum from Nimble Minds. Features Learn and Play mode. Kids Learn the names of objects through observation and discovery, in Learn mode. And reinforce their knowledge by interacting and playing the quiz in Play mode. 

Kids learn objects and their names not by flash cards or rote memorization. But by observing objects where they are found in the environment. Situations and places available in the free version include: Bedroom, Bathroom, Breakfast, Classroom. In full version: Playground, Park, Street, Clothing store, Grocery, Party, Kitchen, Garden.About 12 words/objects in each situation. The graphics are HD, crisp and super attractive to gain children's attention which in return allows them to get involved and learn the words without even working hard to remember. 

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