Saturday, 28 July 2012

Cosmonaut Stylus by Studio Neat...Review

I have tried many, many, many, different styluses with my boys since we got them iPads.
Like most children on the Autism Spectrum they loathe hand writing and usually refuse to do it. I knew the iPad would be a great motivator and it is but I could NOT find a stylus that  1. they were comfortable writing with and 2. was accurate.
My search is finally over. The Cosmonaut by Studio Neat may just be the perfect stylus...

Uber chic and stylish, The Cosmonaut comes in super cool packaging and looks just like a big, black crayon, you know those short, chunky ones.

The Cosmonaut has a rubber coating which has a very pleasant feel ( my son said he likes it because it doesn't make his hand sweaty) and is quiet heavily weighted which I was concerned about but actually makes it easier to hold and use. It has a wide pointed tip that is super accurate and will write from any angle, great for kids who's pencil grip might be a little untraditional . The thick barrel and short length of the stylus means it encourages you to hold the stylus higher up meaning you very rarely accidentally rest your hand on the iPad screen.

The Cosmonaut stylus was designed to write like a dry erase marker and that is exactly how it feels.

The biggest problem I have had with traditional styluses is my children's love of chewing or pulling the tips off them, meaning I would have to replace them on a regular basis.
I am happy to report, after months of use I have not had to replace either of my boys Cosmonauts.

OverallThe Cosmonaut is well worth the $25.00 price tag. It looks good, feels good and is the most accurate stylus I have used. It's design makes it ideal for Special Needs children or those with fine motor  or carpal tunnel problems.