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Mathomatix: Measurement

Punflay is back with another addition to our top-selling Mathomatix series. This time kindergarteners can get introduced to basic concepts of measurement such as weight, volume and length. As with the rest of the apps in the Mathomatix series, Measurement has also been developed
based on National and California Standards. Set in an utterly cute learning environment, Mathomatix-Measurement is sure to get your child’s attention with its bright and cheerful graphics and fun activities.

The app comes with five activities that each teach a measurement concept.

Crazy Clock: A friendly voice announces the time and all you do is to move the minute hand of a cute clock to set the correct time. Kids will get lots of practice learning to associate time with familiar activities in their day. Crazy Clock is a great introduction to the concept of time.

Scale Tale: This activity introduces kids to the concept of weight. An adorable one-eyed monster teaches kids this concept by holding two items and allowing them to guess which item is heavier or lighter. Is a pineapple heavier or lighter than a cup cake? Is a head of cabbage heavier or lighter than a strawberry? Familiar objects help kids learn the concept easily.

Fill Me Up: If you had to teach the concept of volume at home you are sure to have a mess all over the floor. Instead, Fill Me Up allows you to teach this concept through easy exercises such as filling pitchers with liquids or jars with cookies minus the mess.

Long and Short: Crayons, buses, park benches are all some of the familiar objects in a kid’s life. And these can be found in this activity as objects of comparison to learn the concept of length. This game presents two objects of different lengths. Simply tap on the one that is longer or shorter.

Action Months:This game introduces the basics of duration of time through a simple drag and drop activity to fill in the letters of the months. Kindergarteners can practice the names of the months and get ready for more sophisticated concept of time in higher grades.

How could we forget to mention My Stuff? We know kids love rewards and so we have that too in Measurement. Kids will love seeing their stash of rewards grow each time they add points.

Mathomatix Measurement is a must have to your collection of Mathomatix series. And by the way, we would love to know what you think of this or any of our other apps. So, please drop us a line when you get a moment. Go ahead and download Mathomatix: Measurement and watch your child learn basic concepts of measurement.

The Mathomatix series also includes

* Number Sense (featured by Apple in New and Noteworthy for iPhone)
* Alzebra
* Geometry
* Statistics, Data Analysis and Probability
* Math Reasoning


* Kid-friendly
* Easy-to-use menu for kids
* Simple activities that offer a lot of practice to reinforce concepts
* Supplements Math concepts learned in school
* Blends California and National Standards
* 5 games in one package
* Attractive graphics and exciting animations

Punflay is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.

Recommended Ages: 5-6 years

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