Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Happi Reads HD Give Away

Is your child taking those first budding steps toward reading on his or her own? 

"Happi Reads" will help develop your child's early reading skills in an engaging and rewarding way. 
It's a big thing for both you and your child when he or she is starting to sound out words. With "Happi Reads" it will be fun and exiting as well. At the age where a child starts to learn how to read, learning should be more "play" and less "chore". That is why Happi Papi specializes in what we call Edutainment apps for young children. 

Game Description: 
With "Happi Reads", your child will see a word and three pictures on the screen. He or she will try to sound/read the word in order to match it to the correct picture. For every correct answer your child will earn a fruit to eat in a fun way once the level is complete. The words to read will increase in difficulty with each level. There are currently 100 words in 4 different levels.

In order to encourage children to make an effort reading the words (rather than just guessing), a new word and picture set will be shown after each try wether successful or not. Missed words will repeat later in the same level.

* Easy to read everyday words 
* Ability to change between UPPER and lower case 
* Original and relaxing background music (mutable) 
* Vivid and unique artwork 
* Rewarding, easy and fun game play 
* No ads or setting screens to confuse your child

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