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Review of Write On by Bacciz

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  • Updated: Dec 28, 2012
  • Version: 3.0
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  • Language: English
  • Seller: Bacciz,LLC
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
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Write on by Bacciz is an incredibly useful iPad app that teaches your child the alphabet and writing skills in a fun manner. It helps your child with their penmanship , phonic sounds, letter recognition and animal identification. The app is packed with multiple activities. 

When I first sat down to try this app with my daughter I thought that I would work my way through the app without any great difficulty. I was surprised to discover how much my own penmanship had deteriorated over the years. As a society we have have become too reliant on technology for many forms of writing. Apps like Write on are a good way of getting us back to basics on our writing skills as well. Therefore it is hard to say that this app is only aimed at children. If you are like me and spend the vast majority of your day typing then take a few minutes to try this app for yourself. 

Write on teaches both cursive and print styles of writing. You can adjust the settings to suit your own needs. There are clear diagrams, if deemed necessary,  to indicate the direction the pen should take when forming the individual letters and the number of strokes required for each letter . Your child can complete the tasks by using their finger or a stylus pen. I must mention that we found the use of a stylus pen to be the better option. 

One of the things my own children liked about this app was the narration features. Not only does the app pronounce the letter for you , but it will also sing the alphabet song. Please note that the sound option can be switched off if necessary. If a mistake has been made it can be easily corrected using the onscreen eraser. The user can also change the colour of the written text by selecting a different  crayon. 

Possibly my favourite feature of Write on is the ability to add your own text . It allows you to customise the app more towards the needs of your own child. It is also a great way of getting a child to learn spelling  as children tend to absorb what they are writing more quickly . 

On the main menu screen you will notice there is an option for puzzles.  One instance you will find the Letters blacked out and the animals positioned beside the shapes. You will then have to find the correct letter from the bottom of the screen and drag it back into the correct position. Another time you will find the letters in the correct order but the animal pictures will be missing. 

Overall I have to say that Write on is great value for money. It is packed full of educational material and is especially good for children with fine motor difficulties or those who have trouble with letter sound recognition and formation. You will be surprised how quickly your child's handwriting improves once they start using the app. 

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