Friday, 11 January 2013

iSpotPro for KIDS - Use scenarios to teach and familiarise children with their surroundings while they play - Review

iSportPro for kids is the latest instalment into the app world by It follows on from the already hugely successful iSpotPro Themed Edition. The unique thing about this latest addition is that it is aimed specifically at children. The app follows the concept of  spot the difference that many of us are already familiar with. It is built for the iPad and requires iOS6.0 or above to operate. 

If you would like to purchase the app now please do so by using this link iTunes . It is currently priced at $1.99 and great value for money. 

The app contains 35 levels spread across 7 different themed packs including, school, Christmas , out and about , playing with friends, home, holiday and the zoo. All of these contain real life scenarios that your child should already be familiar with. The user can opt to complete the packs in any order that they wish. 

The idea behind the whole app is that the child finds 3 differences between a pair of similar images. Once they have identified the difference they simply touch that spot on the iPad screen and it is circled for them. On the top right hand corner you will find a little brown box with a light bulb and the word 'hint'. If the user presses this a larger circle appears in the area where a difference can be found, thus allowing the child to identify it. 

At the end of each completed pack the child is given a star. On completion of all seven packs they are awarded a certificate. I particularly liked this method as it encourages the user to work hard to gain the star. It sets a goal for them and works well in particular for children who respond well to visuals as it is easier for them to map their progress. The user can check the certificate section at any time to see how many stars that they have gained. 

This app is a nice follow on from the original iSpotPro and is much more suitable for younger children. It can be used in numerous situations such as home, school, therapy sessions etc. In terms of suitability for the special needs community it is ideal for use in helping to  improve concentration and visualisation skills. The reward system in place is very beneficial as many children with special needs strive for constant feedback and recognition. For a child with special needs to be able to pick up the iPad at any given time and check on their progress level is of enormous benefit to them. . Overall this is a nice app and well worth the price tag of $1.99 with no hidden costs or in- app purchases.  

*** iSpotPro for Kids has just received an audio update. This will enhance the child's experience with the app. We are delighted to hear the developer took our suggestion on board about adding an audio feature *****

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