Thursday, 24 January 2013

Developer Chat with Alan from Bacciz

Q. Hi Alan. Welcome to AppAble. Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself and you how got into the App business?

A. I was one of the first dealers of Apple II computers back in 1978 and had the pleasure of meeting Steve Jobs in Cupertino. Putting a usable computer on peoples' desks was an incredible concept back then. After many years out of the computer business, I decided to return to the business due to my love for technology, education and entertainment.

Q. When was Bacciz founded ?

A. Bacciz LLC was founded in 2009 and it is based in Aventura, Florida, USA.

Q. Is there a story behind the choice of the name ?

A. Bacciz is named after my dog, the most noble, sweet and intelligent dog I’ve had, and I’ve had many dogs. It sounds like the Italian chocolate Bacci (bashi).

Q. How long does it take you to develop each app ?

A. A typical Book app can be completed in 3 months,depending on how complex it is.

Q. What does Bacciz have in store for us in the future?

A. We are currently working on several apps. We hope to combine innovation and entertainment while continuing on the educational road. We hope to produce stories that will touch the hearts of many and will enrich the minds of our readers.

Q. How many people do you have working at Bacciz?

A. Bacciz has a team of 9 very qualified and highly motivated individuals.

Q. Do you have a favorite Bacciz app?

A. We love all of our apps. We put our time and our hearts into each and every app, leaving us with several high quality apps that we cherish the same. We try to make the best app in the market for its corresponding category and type.
So our Peekaboo! Guess Who? app for instance is the Peekaboo app that has the most animals, most authentic sounds, and the best animations in the market!
We are also very proud of our Brave Rooney app which we hope helps children who may feel that they don't fit in. It received the Kirkus Star - awarded to Books of 
Remarkable Merit -

Q. Who Beta Tests your apps for you?

A. We have parents, teachers and individuals experienced in psychology as well as children who use our apps to give us feedback on how to improve them.

Q. Is there anything you would like to add? 

A. If you have a great app idea and need a great developer, we can build the app for you :)

Thank you for featuring our apps this week at AppAbled. We hope you have enjoyed discovering and sharing them.

Read more about Bacciz on their website or Facebook page

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