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See.Touch.Learn Pro By Brain Parade - Review

  • $29.99
  • Category: Education
  • Updated: Nov 18, 2012
  • Version: 2.0
  • Size: 14.4 MB
  • Language: English
  • Seller: Brain Parade, LLC
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.


See.Touch.Learn Pro 2012 is an app for the 21st century educator and student. It is a highly quality replacement for the picture cards or flash cards that use to frequent school rooms. The app’s simple interface allows adults to quickly create highly customized lessons for individual students. See.Touch.Learn Pro 2012 brings picture cards to life as learners are able to interact with them on the iPad screen. The sky is the limit when you’re talking about potential uses for See.Touch.Learn Pro. This app was originally developed as an app for students with special needs but it is so much more. It is an educators dream and should be in every classroom around the world so it can enhance children’s lives.

Apple New & Noteworthy ** Custom Picture Card Learning System – Includes more than 4,000 pictures and 2,000 exercises! Use with ABA program and individual instruction. Create your own lessons using stunning, high-quality images or use your own images. 
See, Touch, Learn.® Pro combines the effectiveness of picture cards with the power and interactivity of the iPad. Create custom exercises and lessons, automatically track performance, and carry your entire library collection with you at all times. Includes professionally designed exercises with each library.

  • Designed for the professional – a teaching tool, not a game.
  • Lessons designed by a Board Certified Assistant Behaviour Analyst. 
  • Affordable, portable and effective. 
Save $$ hundreds on flash cards and eliminate the need to carry all those cards! 

Here are just a few of the benefits of See, Touch, Learn Pro
  • Build, save, copy and reuse your custom lessons
  • No more organizing and reorganizing cards for each student
  • Create unlimited scenarios and prompts
  • Thousands of gorgeous picture cards to choose from
  • Your entire collection is portable – take it with you everywhere
  • Never misplace a card - Images are automatically backed up 
  • Save hundreds of dollars – only a fraction of the cost of physical cards 
  • o cards to wear out, no cards to lose
See, Touch, Learn Pro includes:
  • Over 4,000 high resolution images and 2,000 exercises
  • Access to the Brain Parade® Community to share your lessons and libraries with other See.Touch.Learn. Pro users around the globe.

See, Touch, Learn™ is a picture learning system designed by professionals specifically for those with autism and other special needs. See, Touch, Learn makes traditional picture cards obsolete. Parents and professionals use See, Touch, Learn to build custom picture card lessons and automatically track their child’s responses. 

What's New in Version 2.0

The Brain Parade® Community - share libraries and lessons with other See, Touch, Learn ® Pro users around the World!Improvements to how you organize lessons and libraries including:
  • Easier to view and find the lessons and libraries you want 
  • The ability to create folders to organize lessons and libraries
  • Categories for lessons and libraries
  • View and sort lessons and libraries by subject, skill level, creator, and lesson type
  • Create multiple personal libraries using your own images
  • Search for images, libraries and lessons using keywords
Improvements to the lesson functionality including:
  • The option to randomize card locations during lesson play
  • The option to turn off card wiggle for an incorrect answer
  • Auto advance to the next exercise upon correct answer selection
  • Duplicated lessons now include any custom audio you recorded

New “Play Mode” let’s you restrict access to your See.Touch.Learn content and prevent your students from making changes to your work.

Step By Step: How To Create Lessons In See,Touch, Learn Pro

 What I Like About This App
  • I can create individual specific lessons for students
  • Completely customizable
  • Hundreds if not thousands of good quality pictures are included with the app
  • It includes lessons that are ready to use
  • Record keeping is built into the app

What I Would Like To See Added In Future Updates
  • Don’t change anything just continue to add libraries and sample lessons to the app.

Is This App Appropriate For Students with Special Needs?
Without a doubt, this app is appropriate for students with special needs. The sky is the limit regarding what type of material can be entered into the app. Since you are able customize learning by importing pictures you took with the iPad camera, it helps to make learning personal for every student. I believe this is a must have app for anyone that develops any type of learning tasks for children. 

More information about Brain Parade can be viewed by clicking on the following links:

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