Saturday, 17 November 2012

Wise-Pet, My Cuddly Protector - Stripy Review

Wise-Pet My Cuddly Protector is a collection of cuddly characters designed to protect your Smart phone/ iPhone and Tablet / iPad . Seebo created these covers with children in mind. There are different designs and characters to choose from.  Two for the Tablet size , and 3 for the Smart Phone . 

Your child's Wise-Pet will come to life when they insert their mobile device into the pocket at the front and activate the Wise-Pet App which can be downloaded free from  iTunes .  By using the App your child can experience hours of fun and entertainment . They can record their own voice and have the Wise-Pet play it back to them . 

For the purpose of this review we looked at the character Stripy for the iPhone/ Smart phone. Stripy is a green and blue character that can be taken anywhere . Your child can enjoy Stripy in their room or on a car journey by using the strap provided. 

The App comes with twelve different  faces and your child can scroll through the faces until they find the one they like best. Watch the mouth move as your child speaks to it. My son found this feature hysterical. 

You can personalise your own character and set the age rating of the child who will be using the app. The ability of being able to record anything your want makes this device the perfect accompaniment for your child at times when they need to hear a familiar voice. For example you can pre-record a bedtime story and have the app / character repeat it back to the child , so your child hears the sound of your voice and finds comfort in this. 

To get a better understanding of now Stripy and his friends work to both entertain your child and protect their device at the same time. take a look as this short You Tube video. 

After spending sometime trying out the Wise-Pet I would recommend purchasing it for children who like the feel of a soft cuddly toy . The use of the free App provides entertainment and peace of mind for the child , when they hear the sound of a familiar voice reading them a story . Your child can also simply snuggle up in bed and play their favourite iPhone game or watch a movie without having a heavy case resting on their legs. I am one of those over paranoid parents when it comes to protecting my son's iPod. Even though the Wise-pet  is a great way of protecting your device if it falls on its back, it lacks a sturdy screen protector at the front. Therefore I decided to try and fit our iPod in using it's current protector case and it fitted in perfectly. My son was able to carry on enjoying the Wise-Pet whilst I had the peace of mind of an over all protected device. 
Wise-Pet . My Cuddly Protector is currently only available to buy in 'Game' stores in the UK or via their website or you can order from the website They are currently priced at £17.99 (Sterling) for the Wise-Pet for Smartphones and £27.99 for Wise-Pet for Tablets. They will be available to buy in Ireland in the coming weeks. 
To find out more about the Wise-Pet, My Cuddly Protector please visit their website or Seebo's Facebook page


  1. My son's favorite cuddly his his bear KitKat. He loves monsters though and would Love a monster case for his iPad!

  2. Oops, I entered and do not live in the UK or Ireland - so sorry!

  3. one of them loves the dog from Frankenweenie, and the other one has a zoo in his bed, dinosaurs and mickey mouses

  4. We have Teddy that he got when he was born , Dinosaur and Monkey , don't ask him to pick a favourite! We're in Ireland....

  5. what better way to bring his ipod alive :)

    1. i can never figured out how to do the links to the posts, hopefully its done right lol

  6. What a Fantastic Idea, Love it! All fingers crossed here :)