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Read with Phonics - Giveaway

Read with Phonics app is designed for both iPhone and iPad
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Teach your child to read the easy way!
Read with Phonics teaches your child the 44 phonic sounds of the English language and gives them over 100 words to practice reading. The app is very intuitive; if your child is not sure of the word they can tap the letters to hear the correct sound or swipe through all the letters to hear the word in full!

Read with Phonics is in two stages: Stage One includes simple single letter sounds and simple CVC practice words like “cat” “dog” and “pen”. Stage Two includes more complex sounds and four and five letter practice words with multiple letter phonemes, like “duck” “meet” and “queen”. Each stage has two sections:.

Learn the Sounds: learn the correct phonic sounds of the English language!
Practice Words: Over 100 words to read, tap and swipe if you get stuck!

Each stage has four groups:

Stage One
s a t p i n
d m o g r e
c f h w l b
v z j y u

Stage two
k sh ai th ee ch
qu igh oa ow oi or
ck ng oo ar air ear
th si er oo ur ure
The app progresses as your child does; work through the groups of phonemes build and consolidate knowledge as they go with the practice words.
Learn by doing; the most effective way to learn, tap and swipe through the App listening to the correct sounds and blending the sounds into words.
Clear and simple flash cards system with simple intuitive navigation.
Clear Sassoon font developed especially for children’s first books and traditional learning aids.
Focused learning without distraction.

Move through the App using the arrow keys, the speaker button replays sounds the redo button restarts animation and the home key takes you up a menu level.
The Learn the Sounds sections contain a flash card for each of the 44 sounds, showing the letter or letter combination which represent them. Once the sound has played wait for the letter/s to flip into an example word, tapping the speaker button plays the sound or word again. 

The Practice Words sections includes over 100 words for children to read themselves. Tapping the speaker button plays the full word, tapping each letter or letter combination pays the phonic sound. Swiping or stroking through the word plays the word in full.

(Note; the ck sound has been included three times with cards, c, ck, and k all making the same phonic sound. qu and x also included for completeness but are actually consonant blends (k + w) and (k + s). The letters and letter combinations chosen for Read with Phonics are the most common ones and the ones taught first for example “ee” in “bee” instead of “y” in “many”)
iTunes Reviews

"This is a lovely simple phonics app very well done, and very interactive. The two parts, sounds and words to practice, are well laid out and nicely grouped. The first set is satpin you learn the sounds of that set and can then go through practicing words only made up of those letters, each group then adds more sounds and words."

"his app has the correct sounds and is grouped in the same way as the children's phonics programmes I am using so it looks like its going to be a great support resource. Good tap to hear functionality, and not to gamey."

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