Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Developer Chat with Read Write Phonics

Developer Chat with Simon of Read Write Phonics

Q . Hi Simon. Welcome to AppAble. Can you please tell us how Read Write Phonics got started ?

A. Thank you, glad to be part of it! Read Write Phonics started because I could not find an easily accessible source of the correct phonics sounds to teach my son properly. I decided to record them and build them into an app, I then took it further and added functionality to show how the phonic sounds blend to form words. I think we have developed a good phonics teaching resource for parents and schools alike.

Q. When exactly did you get started ??

A. We launched out Android version, "Read Write Phonics" in April and have just launched our universal Apple version "Read with Phonics".

Q. What is the difference between the two apps?

A. Our Apple app has over 100 words to practice and builds up in stages of the sounds learnt, so for example you first learn the sounds s a t p i n then practice words only containing those sounds. It is more of a systematic approach more in line with what schools do. Our Android version doesn't contain as many example words but does include tracing letter forms to introduce writing.

Q. Do you have a background in the technology or education fields ?

A. I taught maths and physics with a voluntary services overseas in Ghana for two years and I work in telecoms so am involved with technology on a day to day basis.

Q. What is planned next ?? Do have a new app coming out or an update ?

A. We have a free version coming soon that will have two levels open and the rest available via an in app upgrade, this will give parents a chance to try Read with Phonics before they buy.

Q. My daughter had been using your app for the past week and has had huge benefit from it. It is ideal for reinforcing what they learn in school. Do you plan on adding in a reward system in future updates that the parent can utilize to encourage their child if they get the sounds right ?

A. Thank you, glad you are finding it useful,

Q. Have you plans to cater for older groups as well, or even other subject areas in any future apps ?

A. We do have plans for maths, physics, English and more phonics based apps, these would cover a wider age range.

Q. Who did you get to have Beta-test the app??

A. We used mummy bloggers to review and feedback, we then built all the comments into our current version, it was great to get real feedback from real users.

Q .Did you seek input from Teachers or other professionals when developing the app ?

A. Yes we consulted an early years teacher and the actress who voices the app is also lecturer in linguistics so has good experience of phonics and was able to ensure that the sounds were voiced correctly. We also consulted the department for education guidelines and phonics resources and built those into the app.

Q. Would you like to add anything?

We really hope you enjoy using Read with Phonics, and please get in touch with any suggestions!

Thank you Simon for taking some time out to tell AppAble about Read Write Phonics.

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