Thursday, 15 November 2012

A Kitchen Chemistry Kal Science and Phonics Alphabet Adventure - Review

Today I got an opportunity to enjoy this wonderful app by The Quirkles.  The Quirkles apps are based on a series of books, of which there are 26, with interesting and colorful characters  called The Quirkles created around the alphabet, i.e., Density Dan, Jazzy Jet and Mary Motion.  These fun characters help the reader to explore phonics through science - a fabulous concept.  The Quirkles are little scientists who love to conduct experiments and help their friends.   

In Kitchen Chemistry Kal, Kal loves doing kooky cooking science experiments.  He soon gets the chance to help out one of his friends. While attending the annual carnival in Quirksville , where the Quirkles live, Kal  comes to the assistance of his friend Katie. She runs an ice-cream parlor but is out of ice-cream due to her ice-cream machine breaking down.  Kal gets an idea to help her out.   He applies his scientific knowledge in the kitchen to help make ice cream by using materials on hand such as ice & salt.   Kal successfully makes the ice cream demonstrating how to turn liquid to solid in minutes and saves the day.  

The instructions for the experiment are provided at the end of the story and looks like a very fun and easy experiment  to carry out at home.  A second experiment is demonstrated in how colour changes can be used to identify starch in food.   Furthermore, a snippet of additional knowledge is shared on the states of matter - liquid, solid, gas and plasma.  The reader is also informed on who is credited with creating the first ice creams as early as 3,000 BC but you will have to enjoy the app to find out!

In each of the books in the series the phonics are highlighted with the use of fabulous alliteration for the themed letter.  In this app the letter K is cleverly emphasized throughout using words starting with the letter K for example, "Kal likes to fly kites, play kickball, and kayak on Kendall river." 
In addition to the lovely storybook and science experiments there is also a section for games - matching, puzzles and colouring
The matching game involves either a 16 card game or 30 card game. Once a pair is found, the cards remain face up for the user to see. Once all the matches are correctly selected the user is awarded 5 stars and applauded with the phrase "Great Job!".  Some lovely positive reinforcement. 

Five different puzzles highlighting parts of the story are available to play with.  Each puzzle has 12 pieces. The pieces are dragged into the blank canvas. Once the correct placement is discovered a musical note highlights the fact. Once the puzzle is completed a little tune is played.  Great practice for fine motor skills as precise positioning is required. 
Under the colouring section, the user can select from an array of 17 colours and five different crayon sizes. Settings can be adjusted to allow the user's colouring to stay inside the lines, go outside the lines so mistakes can be highlighted or indeed a blank canvas can be used to draw/colour as you wish.  The completed colouring project can be saved to your device. 

A lovely feature that is also present in the app is the recording option.  The user can record their own voice and then play the story back. This would be perfect tool for users to practice their reading out loud skills, or for an adult to record their voice to read the story to a younger child. 

This is truly a wonderful app, a delightful story highlighting the use of science in our everyday life.  Lots of good learning and fun.

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  1. Name another iOS app currently available from the Quirkles series ? Friction Fred