Sunday, 14 October 2012

Thinking Thingamabob

Thinking Thingamabob is a brilliantly simple concept with an array of uses. I love it when an app is developed that is both unique and functional and this app is both.
Designed as a tool for creating ideas, Thinking Thingamabob will have your creative juices flowing with the shake of your iPad.

This app is free to download with a lite version of the Fabulas module. Extra modules are available for $0.99. At present there are two modules to purchase, Fabulas - designed for young storytellers or children's authors and Ideator - a general creative thinking tool.

To use this app simply choose a module and shake your iPad. A series of Ideasparks will display on your page either as text or an image. Use these Ideasparks to create a story, come up with a new idea or as a way of encouraging your children to think outside the box.
For example: I got my son to use the above set of Ideasparks from the Fabulas module to use as a writing tool. This is what he came up with...
While camping at Lake Parrot one summer our little dog Rascal went missing. I was worried because time was running out before nightfall. All of a sudden I heard a squawk and saw one of the Lakes beautiful birds who seemed to be wanting me to follow him. 

I also gave my 9 year old the above set of Ideasparks using the Ideator module. He thought he could build a rocket ship using party crackers and then fly to the moon, when he got back he would probably get an award and then he could travel the world telling them his story and make people happy. 

Thinking Thingamabob has a built in audio recorder so you can save your ideas as you go. You can also save Ideasparks within each module and share your thoughts and snapshots of Ideasparks via email.
All of this is as easy as tapping the appropriate on-screen icon. My kids figured it out in a matter of minutes so very user friendly.

As a special needs app, I can see a multitude of uses for Thinking Thingamabob. Great for kids with ASD who tend to obsess on topics as a way of giving them ideas they may not normally come up with. Excellent app to use as a conversation starter. I have had all my kids use it together and brainstorm ideas. They also played a game to see who could come up with the best story using an Ideaspark. Hilarious results and we also played another game where they created a story together, taking turns and making sure each part of the story was relevant to the whole.

Overall, Thinking Thingamabob is an excellent creative tool that can be used by both kids and adults. The ability to save and share ideas makes it perfect for educational purposes. The Thinking Thingamabob team plan to add new modules to the app via updates and are also keen to hear what you would like them to include. You can do this via their Website.

So if you are an Author, Inventor or just want an app to encourage your child's creative thinking download Thinking Thingamabob now. You won't be disappointed.

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  1. On this recommendation I got the app. When opened the Ideator was .99 cents!