Thursday, 18 October 2012

iSpotpro Review

Remember those fun Spot the Difference puzzles they always had on the puzzle page of the daily newspaper? With iSpotpro, has created an app that will not only bring back those memories but makes them even better with it's fantastic graphics and added game play.

The concept is exactly the same. Two seemingly identical pictures but with tiny differences that you need to find. iSpotPro has 5 different 'packs' each consisting of a different illustration. Each 'pack' has '15 different edited versions for you to enjoy. Added enjoyment and challenge is given by adding three levels to each pack that unlock as you progress. Level 1 has two differences to spot, level 2 has three, level 3 has four. 

You can customize the gameplay by choosing your difficulty mode...Leisurely (no timer), Easy (starts at 30 secs for level 1 and increases by 15 secs for each level) and Hard ( starts at 20 secs for level 1 and increses by 10 secs as the levels go up). My ASD kids are not fond of timed games but a Nuerotypical older child or adult would appreciate the added challenge. Hints are available on all levels for when you are stuck.

'Packs' included are Family pack 1, Family pack 2, Classroom, Holiday and Out and About. The illustrations are simple but colourful and visually appealing. Graphics are crisp, clear and high quality. 
The game is a little hard for preschoolers and younger Primary students but could still be used with help and input from parents. My 4 year old enjoyed having a game with me but found it too difficult on her own but my 9 year old loved it and has been playing it regularly. Without any assistance.

As a special needs resource, iSpotPro is perfect to use as a visual therapy tool and also for honing attention and memory skills. Hopefully the developers will continue to add new packs with updates to increase the value and longevity of this app and I would love to see some 'packs' added for our younger children. Some sort of audio feedback by sound effects or music would also add to the user experience.

Overall iSpotPro is excellent value and is available for both iPad and iPhone. There are no in-App purchases, ads or social media or social media buttons. A simple yet fun app, iSpotPro is a great concept based on an always popular game that kids and adults can enjoy.

The app has a NEW Christmas pack update.

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