Sunday, 24 June 2012

Trunky Fish Game

Catch it while you can! In the Trunky Fishing Game, you have to catch all the fish when their mouth is gaping, otherwise you might scare them away! Try the two player mode and play with your friends!

In the classic mode (just pure fun), you have to catch as many fish as you can before your time runs out. Sound familiar? This is a fun game based on the classic old toy, Fishing Game, but with an educational twist. Children can choose from several modes – one is just pure fun, while the others are more educational. 

Check out the secret tip: You can spin the pond for an extra challenge! Also, catch the special gold and silver fish for extra points!

In the Learning modes, you can hunt for numbers (to practice number recognition), or letters (letter recognition), or colors. The Jumbo Game mixes all of the learning modes for an added challenge. 

This game is children approved and is tons of fun for the whole family! It is also available in multiple languages, such as English, Danish, Swedish, German, French, Russian and Arabic.

Features include:
➢5 game modes: Pure fun classic, Letter Hunt, Number Hunt, Color Splash and Jumbo Game
 ➢Choose between 1-2 Player modes
➢Friendly and easy to use for very young kids➢Fun animation to keep kids engaged
➢Child-friendly scoring system to encourage
➢Practices early literacy and numeracy
➢Extra challenge when spinning the pond
➢Catch bonus gold and silver fish for extra points
➢Available in multiple languages

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