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Lost Kidz

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As parents, we all know the heart stopping moment when we realise that our child has gone missing.

The idea for Lost Kidz came after watching a documentary about the abduction of Jaycee Lee Delgado - sat up all night thinking of how we could use tech to help with the Jamie Bulger case situation (30 people stopped the boys asking what they were doing but no one knew he was missing) and Maddie McCann (hours before a proper police alert was issued - with the App they could have had thousands looking within minutes)

The Lost Kidz App has been developed to enable parents to send out an alert to other parents in the area if their child goes missing.  The alert includes a current photo and any relevant information about the child, allowing an anxious parent to recruit the help of everyone in the vicinity to reunite the parent with their child.  This will also act as the deterrent to anyone intent on harming a lone child, as they know that the eyes of the public are watching and on alert.

The object is to minimise the time period for a parent and child to be reunited and therefore reduce the risk of that child being harmed, either accidentally or on purpose.  

Lost Kidz is an App designed to allow parents who have lost or been separated from their children to issue an instant alert to people in the vicinity.

Together we can make the world a safer place for all of our children

Company Overview:
Lost Kidz. An App designed for every parents worst nightmare ~ the loss or abduction of your child.

1 million children are reported missing in the US and the UK every year.

Millions more are lost for periods of less than one hour, and it is every parents nightmare that your child has wondered into traffic, or into a neighbours pool. 

If your child goes missing, you can use the App to alert everyone in the vicinity, with a current photo and details of your child. Without it, hundreds of people could be watching someone walk away with your child and not even know its happening.

Any sightings or details of where the child has been found are sent directly to the parent.

With this App, we aim to reduce these numbers significantly, but we need YOU! to help get the word out.

The free App will let people without kids help out by receiving and responding to alerts, so everyone can help! The App for parents to send our an alert will cost just 99c 

Also when you download this app in the US, a donation is made to the American Humane Society.

For more details see their: 

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