Friday, 8 February 2013

Developer Chat with Megan from Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd

Q.  Hi Megan. Welcome to AppAbled. Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself and you how got into the App business?

A. Thanks! I'm a Speech-Language Pathologist (both American and Canadian) specialising in stroke rehab. I started developing apps to fill the void of quality apps for adults and older children who are working on basic communication skills without needing childish graphics.

Q. When was Tactus TherAppy Solutions founded ?

A. I partnered with a friend and computer programmer in March 2011 to form the company. Two months later, our first app was launched. We're nearly ready to celebrate our 2nd birthday! By March of this year, we'll have 8 unique apps, 1 bundle, and 3 lite apps on the App Store.

Q. Is there a story behind the choice of the name ?

A. Tactus means "touch" in Latin, and since we develop only for the touch screen, it seemed to fit. We hope to provide therapy solutions as well - replacing hundreds of flashcards, worksheets, and other therapy tools with convenient apps that add value and interest to therapy.

Q. How long does it take you to develop each app ?

A. Each app is a little different, but at first we were doing all the development while working full-time jobs elsewhere, so it took 2-3 months per app. Now we've dedicated more time to app development, so we're hoping to put out more apps in less time and create more innovative apps.

Q. What does Tactus have in store for us in the future?

A. So glad you asked! Our next app is due out in a few weeks and we're busting with excitement! Speech FlipBook is a new tool for articulation and apraxia therapy as well as phonological awareness and reading. It can be used by SLPs, parents, teachers, and people of all ages. We'll be releasing the app along with instructions and videos on all the different ways to use it.

Q. How many people do you have working at Tactus?

A. We're a small team of 3 who do nearly everything in-house. Our programmer is the co-owner of the company, Ben Carter, and our graphics are done by my husband, Cliff Sutton. I lead the app design, content and marketing.

Q. Do you have a favourite Tactus app?

A. Can you pick your favourite child? ;) I love them all. I'm always amazed at how many new uses I can find for each app for different clients. Comprehension and Naming are particularly useful for my work and hold a special place in my heart for being first, though Visual Attention and Category TherAppy are quickly becoming my new favourites. Right now I can't stop thinking about Speech FlipBook though, so it's a toss up.

Q. Who Beta Tests your apps for you?

 A. Until recently, we did all testing in-house and with my clients on a rehab unit and in community groups. We've recruited 4 talented SLPs to beta-test Speech FlipBook and are getting amazing feedback. We will probably be expanding our beta-testing network in the future to keep improving our apps and development process.

Q. Is there anything you would like to add?

A. I'd just like to encourage everyone to keep in touch with developers to report problems, make suggestions, and give feedback as often as possible. We love hearing how our apps are working or how we can improve them. It's also really nice when you leave a little love on the App Store too :) Thanks so much for having us as your Developer of the Week!

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